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Out to Lunch

OUT TO LUNCH finds creative business consultant Aileen Bennett conducting business Acadiana style: over lunch. Each week Aileen invites guests from Acadiana's  business community to join her. Beyond the foundations of the Acadiana economy - oil, cuisine, music - there is a vast network of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even some of the country's largest companies who call Acadiana home. Out to Lunch is the cafeteria of the wider Acadiana business community. You can also hear the show on KRVS 88.7FM.

Peter RicchiutiPeter Ricchiuti - Host

Peter is the zany business school professor you wish you had in college and oversees the Burkenroad Reports, a stock research program he founded at Tulane University. Peter has been featured on CNN, CNBC, in The New York Times, Barron's and many other business publications. His new book, Stocks Under Rocks, documents his student-centric stealth stock picking skills.  more about Peter...

Grant MorrisGrant Morris - Producer

Grant was a DJ on New Orleans' seminal 90's music station, The Zephyr.He pioneered webcasting with Fastband GlobalCast live from New Orlean's Bourbon Street. He's a Grammy-nominated songwriter and screenwriter of cult classics "Return of Swamp Thing" and "Dead Dog". more about Grant...

Eric MurrellEric Murrell - Technical Producer

A native New Orleanian, Eric does live sound for the symphony orchestra and used to rock out in a reggae band but he's still not sure he's as much of a character as the people he associates with. A vegan dog lover, Dr. Pejic for some unknown reason refers to Mr. Murrell as "Eric the aggressor."

Mitch FormanMitch Forman - Music Director

The inimitable Mitch Forman is a household word in jazz piano households. Mitch leads his own band, plays in various others, and is a veteran of John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra and the Wayne Shorter Quartet.

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