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Porch, Wine and Gravy

Porch, Wine and Gravy explores the foodways of Louisiana and the South, beyond the stereotypes and tropes. Host Jolie Meaux talks to chefs, farmers, home-cooks, and the many, varied contributors to the cuisine of this region who make it so special.

Baqué Beef & the Hippie Wins March 14, 2019

Jolie talks to Max Bacqué, a young cattle farmer outside of Lafayette who is raising beef the old way. Then Jolie tells a family tale of the day the hippie won. Lastly, Jolie shares her recipe for Brasato al Barolo, Italian beef pot roast. 

Max Baqué and Jolie Meaux tour around Baqué Farm  Max Baqué and Jolie Meaux

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