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Porch, Wine and Gravy

Porch, Wine and Gravy explores the foodways of Louisiana and the South, beyond the stereotypes and tropes. Host Jolie Meaux talks to chefs, farmers, home-cooks, and the many, varied contributors to the cuisine of this region who make it so special.

Jolie  MeauxJolie Meaux -

Jolie Meaux is a cook and a story teller. On her website www.porchwineandgravy.com she shares recipes and what is on her mind. porchwineandgravy.com has been nominated by Saveur Magazine as one of the best food blogs of 2018.

Lucius FontenotLucius Fontenot -

Lucius Fontenot is a photographer and artist. His work has been featured in Vice and Oxford American as well as exhibited in the U.S. Canada and France. Lucius provides the visuals for porchwineandgravy.com as well as taking care of technical side of producing the podcast.

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